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With influential cultural and political movements, the city of Morrinhos stands out in the historical past of the state of Goiás, having launched great names and intellectuals for the memory of Goiás. Morrinhos has always been pride for its people, because outside the limits of the municipality is always remembered for the strength of its people and for the deeds of its citizens. This past comes down to this day, driving change and development. Morrinhos is prepared for the challenges and for the growth of those who invest in education, technology and in the main: the quality of life of its residents. Morrinhos is past, has a future and has in the present the strength of a wonderful city, of a hardworking people and full of will.

Morrinhos has well-wooded streets with lots of sibipiruna and hibiscus. It also has a large number of fruit trees, and is therefore known as Cidade dos Pomares.

Tourists seek in Morrinhos the historical past preserved in its colonial houses and its streets of tranquil beauty. The municipality, with 2.976 km ², is located in the Goian slope of the Paranaíba River and is bathed by the rivers Piracanjuba and Meia Ponte and by the streams Formiga, Monjolinho, Divisa, Mimoso and other smaller ones. Relatively wavy. The mountainous part and the one near the half river? bridge. The main geographical accident and the half-bridge saw, and the culminating peak are fern waterfall and back? the? hills Its main highways are the BR-153 and GO-213, besides several municipal highways.